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Easy Kitchen Life

11 Facts - Why Electric Pressure Cookers Efficient than Regular Cookers!

Electric pressure cookers help in preparing foods faster than traditional pressure cookers, and other cooking methods. They also save time and energy. Electric Pressure Cookers can be used to cook several foods together (in the same pressure cooker) using different accessories like steamer baskets and pans.

11 Reasons that Make Electric Pressure Cooker More Efficient Than Normal Ones

1. Electric Pressure Cookers Help in Fast Cooking

If you are tired after a long day at work or have a very busy schedule and don’t want to stand in the kitchen for hours then an electric pressure cooker can help you in saving your time up to two thirds as compared to traditional cooking methods.

2. Electric Pressure Cookers Saves Energy

Pressure cooking is comparatively efficient than other cooking methods because it uses the steam trapped inside it, instead of releasing it in the air. This saves energy and shortens cooking time which also saves your money.

3. Electric Pressure Cookers Cut Pollution and Fight Climate Change

The reduction of energy consumed by using an automatic electric pressure cooker also results in less amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the gas stove that you use or from the power plant used to generate the electricity for your electric stove and also lesser smoggy air. We all know that the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions is changing the climate at a very high pace which will eventually lead to problems in food production, shoreline erosion, water shortages, severe changes in weather, and rise in sea level. All these events may lead to countless lives being lost and severe economic impact. Along with fast cooking, using an electric pressure cooker will save energy and lead to less amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Electric Pressure Cookers Cut Air Conditioning Costs

Electric Pressure Cookers generate less heat, cook your meal quickly and you also don’t have to turn your gas stove on which can be a great positive in summers as your apartment or house will have less heat and will stay cooler. This reduces pressure on your air conditioner as the amount of heat generated now is far less than before. Normally an air conditioner consumes one unit of energy to remove three units of heat from your home or apartment which is not very efficient. Thus, using an electric pressure cooker can result in a decrease in your electricity bill by reducing the amount of time your air conditioning is on.

5. Electric Pressure Cookers Retain Vitamins & Nutrients

Regular steaming as well as boiling can cause vitamins that are water-soluble to leech out of food, decreasing the amount of nutrition present in it. An electric cooker on the other hand cooks your food deeply, quickly, and evenly which allows food to retain up to 90% of those water-soluble vitamins.

6. Electric Pressure Cookers Preserve Food’s Appearance and Taste

Exposure of food to heat and oxygen when you are cooking with an open container or even one with a lid leads to diminished flavors and dulled colors. Cooking with an electric pressure cooker saturates food with steam, as a result, phytochemicals and bright colors of food are retained. Similarly, the airtight design enables flavors to develop faster, and more profoundly.

7. Electric Pressure Cookers Eliminate Harmful Microorganisms

By creating an environment that permits water to boil at higher than 100°C, electric pressure cookers are exceptional in their multi-faceted ability to effectively destroy harmful bacteria. Various naturally occurring toxins can also be reduced by using an electric pressure cooker, such as phytohemagglutinin, found in red kidney beans. Phytohemagglutinin poisoning can occur from ingesting as little as 5 undercooked kidney beans, but pressure cooking for 10 minutes has been proven to decrease hemagglutinating units to safe levels.

8. Electric Pressure Cookers has No Noise, No Sweat, No Smell

Modern Electric Pressure Cookers don’t make much noise which is perfect for moms having sleeping babies. These pressure cookers are automated so you don’t have to guard them while cooking which allows you to leave the kitchen on a hot summer day. Electric pressure cookers come with a tight seal, so you don’t have to worry about a certain smell filling inside your house.

9. Less Cleaning is Required

Cooking with traditional cooker leaves cooking residues on the stovetop and control panel as well on adjacent surfaces such as walls and counters. Steam and oils escape from regular cookers to settle on these surfaces, which usually requires some cleanup after the meal is cooked. An electric pressure cooker, however, has a well-secured lid that prevents any splashes or spatters from escaping the cooking vessel. This also eliminates any boil-overs which require further cleanup. And when meal preparation is complete, there’s only one container to wash.

10. Foods Retain Most Of Their Nutrients and Are Tastier In An Electric Pressure Cookers

Food that is cooked on an electric pressure cooker has more nutritional value than the one cooked in a normal pressure cooker for a longer period. The longer foods are cooked, the more nutrients are destroyed. Foods cooked in an electric pressure cooker are made faster, using less liquid. The fact that foods are made in a shorter cooking time means they are less likely to lose their color and flavor, as well as minerals and vitamins that are evaporated when cooking in large quantities of water for longer periods.

11. Electric Pressure Cookers are Convenient and Easy to Use

You just need to set the modern-day electric cooker on your desired temperature and forget about babysitting it. Perfect for people having a busy lifestyle. The electric pressure cooker is an amazing alternative to traditional cooking methods.

Next Step

Now that you are well aware of some easy lunch recipes, it’s time we answer your next query of why you should use Geek Robocook Electric Pressure Cooker.

When it comes to electric pressure cookers, you can choose between five-liters and eight-liters capacity with two different inner pots that match your family needs. We present to you the electric pressure cooker that not only perfectly suits you in design, durability, and budget but also comes with tons of built-in features like safety guards and preset menus.

Geek Robocook Electric Pressure Cookers

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Here is why you should choose it:

Different Models Available

Geek Robo Cook offers different variants like Geek Robo Cook 5L with anodized Teflon coated inner pot for non-stick cooking, Geek Robo Cook 5L with SS304 grade stainless steel pot for healthy cooking, Geek Robo Cook 8L with jumbo anodized Teflon coated inner pot for non-stick cooking, , Geek Robo Cook 8L with SS304 grade jumbo stainless steel pot for healthy cooking.

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11 Preset Menus

Cook your favorite Indian dishes like Idly, Sambar, Pongal, or succulent Biryani, Pulao through 11 preset menus available.

7 Safety Guards

Multi-layered safety mechanism guarding pressure, temperature, exhaust, fitment, etc. gives exemplary safety quotient.

Digital Cooking

Advanced cooking technology with digital timer controls, needs little manual intervention.


Circumvent cooking process preserves rich nutritional quotient from pulses, grains, and vegetables while cooking.

All in One

Baking, sauteing, steaming, stewing, braising, and frying all in one intelligent electric pressure cooker.


Geek Robocook's electric pressure cookers are compact and quickly make your food. They are sleek, good looking, lightweight, easy to use, efficient, and safe to use. Finding the right product is often a hard task but we have dedicatedly found one for you. It’s up to you to choose the right product.

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