As seasoned Sales & Marketing professionals, we were overwhelmed by the amount of time our spouses used to spend in kitchen. One being a Montessori teacher & other being an ITES professional, their work-life balance was on a toss. Diverse meal requirements of our kids and ourselves were not being assisted by the archaic kitchen appliances which compels for fully assisted cooking.

We discovered a solution for this problem in USA market where Technology has revolutionized Cooking. That magic solution was Smart Electric Pressure Cooker and indeed every American household had at least 2 of this wonder appliance. We got few samples and rigorously tested it in our kitchens for various Indian recipes. Voila, it worked wonder! It reduced effective time spent in kitchen by 40% with automated cooking technology. That sparred the time for our spouses to enjoy fun family togetherness or a favourite soap or a hobby! We wanted to take the benefit of this magic appliance to the masses.

We then test launched a trial batch of 200 nos. under brand GEEK RoboCook in eCommerce. It received phenomenal response from Indian consumers because we customised it totally to fit Indian recipes (with our personal kitchen testing experiment). We had engaged with Influencer community to reach out this great innovation to larger audience and we effectively had created this new category in Indian market. GEEK RoboCook became the pioneer in the Smart Electric Pressure Cooker category.

From there, we went on to build a formidable product range under GEEK that is based on brand promises of Technology offering Convenience and assuring Healthy lifestyle to Indian consumers. GEEK AiroCook was again a trendsetter in Air Fryer Oven category shackling the market of small capacity Air Fryers with large capacity ones with added advantage of a baking oven. Our GEEK Aire Rechargeable fans too created a brand new category of portable, stylish, premium desktop/ table fans.

Today GEEK can proudly boast of over 4 lakh Consumer’s love by challenging the stillness of Home & Kitchen appliances industry. We vow to continue challenging the status-quo and bring in the best of technology & innovation to Indian homes in-line with our motto – “Bring the Future Home”.