Responsibility is at the core of the brand GEEK. We take solemn responsibility for Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives. arise.good is a dual commitment and a true reflection of GEEK’s care for the Society at large and Sustainability concern towards mother Earth.


Arise word literally means “to begin to exist”. GEEK identifies the invisible people (deprived) on Earth and provide them a platform to literally begin their existence. Arise initiatives of GEEK shall be anchored on 3 fundamental premises (EDI) –

  1. Empowerment
  2. Dependability &
  3. Income Generation

Arise programs shall be designed to lend a voice to the unheard and rise their lives to newer heights.


Gambit of ”good” shall revolve around sustainability goodness in our process of brand existence right from manufacturing, packaging, retailing, consumer usage to eventual disposal. GEEK promises to spread the goodness of Earth friendly sustainable practices to all stakeholders involved right from our employees to manufacturers to retailers to end consumers.

BakeWiz Academy

BakeWiz academy – a Baking training workshop for the upskilling of the abandoned women in association with the Myrtle Social welfare network. Amazed at the enthusiastic engagement of the participants to learn a new baking skill from our expert Baking Coach.