Best Rechargeable Fans for Summer Heat Relief

Best Rechargeable Fans for Summer Heat Relief

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Summer Coolers 



Summer Or No Summer, It Is Always Hot!

You feel the heat in your body, in the air around you, your room and well, everywhere. And if you happen to go out between 9 in the morning and 6 in the evening in seasons other than summer and if you happen to go out anytime in the 24 hour time frame during summer, I am sure you would know the effect the hot temperature has on you.

When I go out and feel the heat wave, all I ever think of is how when I finish my work in the outside world, I can rush to my home, go to my room, lock myself in and jump onto my bed to sleep and stay there forever in that cool, comfortable, nice place of mine.

But every time I finish my work, rush to my home, go to my room, lock myself in and jumped onto my bed thinking I can sleep and stay there forever in that cool, comfortable, nice place of mine; my beliefs, my dreams, they all get shattered, for my room turns out to be worse than the world outside.

It is always hot! The wall, the bed, the clothes, the screens, and the doors, everything is hot! There is heat everywhere. And when I try to turn on the fan, it turns out to be the best moment for most of the times there is no power!

Well, I sure did few learn life lessons from having crossed such days:


  • Never go out when the sun shines bright and smiles at you; for it is only waiting to show its full power on you
  • Never trust the appliances that run with electricity


Summer or no summer, if you feel the heat, then it’s time to beat the heat.

Go for Portable Rechargeable Fans

Rechargeable portable fans are small, handy, stylish and colorful and to top it all, they work on rechargeable batteries. Few hours of recharge is all they need to keep you cool for long hours anywhere, anytime. And one of the best-selling appliances is the Geek Aire Fans.

Geek Aire rechargeable fans :

Rechargeable Mini Fans

  1.  Geek Aire GF2 Rechargeable Mini Fan - 4 Inch (Black)
  2. Geek Aire GF3, Rechargeable Mini Fan - 5 Inch (White)
  3. 2-IN-1 Geek Aire GF11 Portable Fan
  4. Geek Aire GF6, 8 Inch Rechargeable Mini Fan with 4000 mAh Battery and LED Night Light(White)
  5. Geek Aire GF5 Rechargeable Mini Fan - 6 Inch Oscillating (White)

7 Ways To Beat The Heat While Using Portable Rechargeable Fans

A portable mini fan can circulate a good air flow around you but if you are planning to reduce the heat in your room then do try some of these ideas.

No to outside heat!

Keeping your doors and windows closed, prevents the entry of hot air from outside. Every time before you leave your room, see to it that your doors and windows are closed.

To make it even better, pull the curtains down. The more the heat from the outside is prevented the less temperature rises in your room. And when that happens, using your mini fan will help you feel the not-so-hot airflow.

Portable Fan

If you are not too comfortable having your room closed, then hang a long wet cloth or screen with your window opened. This way, when the heat enters you room, it has to pass through the wet cloth. When that happens, the dry air collects water molecules from the cloth and flows into your room reducing the room temperature to an extent.

With the portable mini fans in hand, this technique becomes much better and effective. Place the wet cloth on the mini fan, turn it on, increase the speed settings and enjoy the cooling-effect it as on you. And if you are out, the use the wet cloth to damp your skin and then use the high powered mini fan.

The magic of Ice

I am sure you would have done this at some point in your life. Take a bowl, fill it with ice cubes or ice water, place it before the Geek Aire small table fan and enjoy the super cool air flow.

If you are planning to sit and work at your desk, this idea might come handy then. (I wouldn’t advise you to try the same when you are in your bed. I admit it; it went pretty bad for me with cold water having spilt all over.)

Say bye to electric gadgets

When there is already heat in your room and you happen to use your electric gadgets that emit also heat, then there is more heat around you.

At such a time, when you use your mini fan, the air flow from the fan will only pick up the fry heat around you and end up giving you hot air. The far your gadgets are from you and the portable fans, the better will be the air flow and the temperature.

Time to clean your room

The more your place is cluttered, the more you get to face problems. The rechargeable mini fans are good to give you the required air flow but when you are surrounded by several things, the air flow gets diverted. That being the case, then by the time the air flows and reaches you, you would feel nothing. The more you have space, the less you have items near you, the better you feel the air flow from the fan.

Dress right!

Portable rechargeable fans might help you get the air you need but that doesn’t mean you can wear thick clothes and still expect your body to feel the same kind of air flow. Wear light and not-so-tight clothes; feel comfortable with what you wear and then turn your mini fan on.

Better when it is just you!

If your room is crowded with people, then handheld fans may not be a very good option. They work best and do wonders when it comes to personal use. When you lie on the bed, when you sit at your desk, when you just sit back in your chair, Geek mini handheld fans or desk fans will be the right choice to keep you cool.