9 Surprising Benefits of an Airfryer

9 Surprising Benefits of an Airfryer

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Is Air Fryer healthy? Or Saying No to Deep fry is healthy!

Air fryers are excellent additions to the modern family and are set to become a common household item soon. Here we look at the advantages of using the Air Fryer and answer the questions that arise with its usage.

In the last three decades, humankind has gone through exponential growth in various fields. None more so in the food industry where processed and fast foods have substantially impacted our lives to a point that our bodies can’t cope with the changes. We find ourselves in an age where more and more people take health seriously and are conscious of what they are eating.

Studies have shown that obesity affects more than 39% of the world’s population and kills more than smoking does according to new statistics. An unhealthy diet is a direct contributor to this. Fatty processed foods and deep-fried dishes cause excessive fat build-up in us. Enter, the air fryer, the miracle cooking appliance that is changing the way we cook as we know it.

 1. What is an Air Fryer and how is it healthy?

Air Fryers are small convenient oven-shaped appliances that cook food using the air around them. It heats the air to high temperatures and circulates inside the chamber. This cooks up the food by removing the moisture content present in the food. The hot air cooks the outside of the food first, giving it the golden crunchy texture, we get from frying food without the excessive oil needed.

2. Cuts down on oils and fats

Since you don’t need a ton of oil to attain the texture, we can cut down significantly on the use of it. This helps tremendously in reducing the fat intake in our bodies. In addition to this, highly greasy food like meat gets their greasy fats collected at the bottom.

3. Promotes weight loss and reduces obesity

A high intake of deep-fried food that is dense with fat and calories increases obesity risk. Substituting these calorie-rich dishes with food cooked using air fryers aids in reducing the calorie intake as they are low in fatty oils. Most dishes require only a tablespoon of oil to cook which is a far cry from the barrels of oil we use to fry our traditional dishes. Everyone wants to shed a few inches from the waist to get into their favorite jeans and getting an air fryer acts as a catalyst to achieve that goal.

4. Prevents risk of several diseases caused due to being obese

Multiple countries are struggling today with the rise in cases of heart issues and lifestyle illnesses like diabetes. It’s not rocket science when a person who suffers from these is asked to cut down on deep-fried foods. Foods high in cholesterol cause blocks in the arteries and the glycemic index of food rises when it is fried in oil. These cause the heart and the pancreas to function on overload causing these illnesses. Air Fried foods are a healthier substitute and it has been proven to reduce fat intake.

5. Preserve Nutrients

Convection heating by circulating hot air cooks the surface of the food while retaining most nutrients. Vitamin C gets lost when we boil or deep fry the food and is shown to be retained by foods that are air fried. This is still debated but there are positive signs about it.

6. Faster cooking!

Deep frying foods involve heating the oil to a certain temperature and then the cooking process starts. That’s not the case when you use an Air Fryer, just brush the tray with some oil, select the temperature, and time and you’re done! It’s perfect for working people and fitness freaks who dread meal planning. Oh yes, and you don’t have to worry about the food getting burnt when you take your eye off the kitchen.

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7. The long-term benefits of owning an Air Fryer are high

We have established how your health gets a boost when you own an Air Fryer. You’ll be surprised to know it’s good for your wallet too. Prices of oil have skyrocketed and an average family consumes cooking oil in liters per month. All that goes right out of the window as your oil consumption gets cut by almost 80%. Once you invest in an Air Fryer you have to spend only on cleaning and the occasional maintenance. A situation where you get to take care of your health and wealth at the same time! You cannot get a better deal than this, shed your belly fat, not your money!

8. It’s compact and convenient

Let’s get this straight, nobody likes a clustered kitchen. Bulky space-consuming appliances are the last thing anyone wants on their countertop. You’re in luck, Air Fryers are compact and can be moved with ease so you don’t have to worry about making space.

9. Easy to clean

Another task that keeps us away from the kitchen is the whole ordeal of cleaning afterwards. People who do the dishes know how hard it is to remove oil stains from a vessel. In addition, the oil droplets spill out of the vessel when we start frying and form a sticky surface on the wall. Well, you can say goodbye to that. oil spillage is almost nil and the cooking is covered. All you have to do is clean the cooking tray and wipe the insides when the cooking is done. Everyone can let out a collective sigh of relief now.

These reasons are enough to get anyone on board to get an air fryer. But I can hear one more question lingering in your head, “How safe is it? And can anyone use it?” Switching to an air fryer means that you don’t have to worry about hot oil getting spilt, Watch out the latest live video to get more idea about Airfryer and its specification. It’s easy to use, meaning children can use it under adult supervision, and old people don’t want to go through a complicated process, and best